COE Token (COVEST Ecosystem Token)

Global Cryptocurrency Trading, Investment, and Finance Ecosystem

COVEST is a cryptocurrency asset management platform that everyone has access
to successful investment strategies and investment products. With the power of
COE Token and blockchain technology, the cornerstone of the COVEST ecosystem,
participants have access to reliable cryptocurrency investments.

COVEST Global Plan

COVEST's plan is to build a one-stop cryptocurrency investment and financial platform beyond the global cryptocurrency exchange with a “Step-by-Step” strategy.


STEP 01. Binance Trading Platform

In STEP 01 of COVEST, through an official contract with Binance, you can share liquidity with various coin stocks on the world's largest exchanges, and use Binance's wallet for convenient and safe trading.

STEP 02. STEP 02 Global cryptocurrency exchange

The global cryptocurrency exchange that supplies investment (trading) and financial products through all of COVEST's own technologies and lists its own cryptocurrency futures and spot stocks.

STEP 03. STEP 03 Global one-stop platform for cryptocurrency investment/finance

Beyond a simple cryptocurrency exchange, we plan to provide various convenient CE-FI and DE-FI investment and financial products to global cryptocurrency investors.

Spot & Derivatives Trading

We are sharing liquidity with Binance, the world's largest liquidity and support Futures investment available on various types of Binance altcoin. By using Binance's secure wallet, safe and trustable trading platform.

Cryptocurrency One-Stop Investment Platform

Beyond a simple cryptocurrency exchange, we plan to provide various investment and financial information and contents

- Crytocurrency Copy-Trading
- Crytocurrency IndexTrading
- Crytocurrency Algorithm strategy Trading
- Crytocurrency CEFI / DEFI Investment and financial product


COE Utility & Benefits

COE Token is a token that drives the COVEST Ecosystem and
has various use cases and advantages.

Increase in value through COE Token burning

Up to 30% of COVEST fees and various net profits of various platforms are used for COE Token burning

Transaction fee discount

COVEST Futures / Spot Trading Fee Discount

Partner rebate UP

Referral fee rebate and copy trading trader return rebate UP

COVEST platform investment and financial product benefits

Benefit from the launch of in-house IEO, new investments, and financial products

COE Token Staking

Additional token payment when staking COE Token

Other benefits

Airdrop and event benefits / Upgrade to Platform VIP, etc.


  • Asia

  • Europe / Americas

  • Oceania / Africa


Why Choose Us?


The COE will provide the best investment opportunities to more people by providing holders with more creative and innovative investment opportunities, breaking away from the traditional financial system.


You can receive the same level of safety and security services as Binance, the world's largest exchange.


COE is a governance token, enabling transparent and fair operation by participating in various votes such as operation plan, improvement plan, and listing approval in the COVEST ecosystem.



Our TOKEN Matrix

COVEST Allocation

Total issuance 1,000,000,000

Token sale 15%

Team & Advisors 10%

Staking POOL 10%

Marketing / Development / Operation10%

Ecosystem Fund 35%

Reserve POOL 20%